The mobile environment is rapidly developing into an essential part of the shopping experience. Innovations are crucial.

Nonetheless, the way mobile shopping currently works has many limitations. Let us show you the subtle change that is revolutionizing mobile shopping.


Changing mCommerce Forever

Let us explain how this subtle change is disrupting mobile eCommerce in most retail categories

Disrupting Retail

Shopping Timeline
So in the near future...

Changing mCommerce forever

Going to the store is a pleasing activity for many consumers that enjoy walking through the aisles. However, it is not always the fastest and most convenient option for a growing number of consumers looking to save time and money, making online shopping the natural alternative.

Unfortunately, online shopping, both web and mobile based, are generally not a pleasant experience due to the fact that websites are usually overloaded with information.

Grability changes this by replicating the brick and mortar shopping experience into the mobile space and therefore breaking down the barriers between physical and digital retail. This dramatically improves the shopping experience for consumers.

The new, fun and easyway of shopping!

Enjoy the fastest, most intuitive and fun way of shopping out there. Navigate the store intuitively by just sliding through aisles.

All products are organized like you know they should!No more surfing the web for over an hour to purchase just a few items!

Best of both



Shop from the comfort of your home or work. Compare products & prices.

In Store

Multiple payment methods. Immediate acquirement. Visualize products

44% growth rate in smartphones sold worldwide by the end of 2013.


There will be 0 BILLION
smartphones sold worldwide.

125% growth rate in tablets sold worldwide by the end of 2013.


There will be 0 MILLION
tablets sold worldwide.

mCommerce: Direct Sales are expected to hit $38.40 billion in 2013, up 55.7% from $24.66 billion in 2012.

Direct Sales will hit
$86.86 billion in 2016.

According to Delloite, Mobile influence on traditional Brick & Mortar sales outshines direct mCommerce sales by 13 times.


According to Delloitte, Mobile influence on all retail sales will exceed all e-commerce sales and will likely translate to about 689 billion dollars.

23.4% of consumers are searching
for new ways of shopping.

Stop expecting people to change their life long shopping habits. For most people, web-based shopping is not even an option.

¿Why not offer a smarter way of shopping?

Grability offers a smarter
way of Shopping

Shopping Experience

Take a leisurely stroll through the store.

Skip the aisle you aren’t interested in.

View products in the displays and packaging you’re used to.

Grab and throw into your shopping cart.

Change quantities or remove items easily.

Stumble into all kinds of personalized discounts and promotions.

See last-minute impulse items at check-out.

Fast purchase of large quantaties and varieties of product.

The Power
of Subtle



Websites should be ranked by their authority on a search term, not on the amount of times it’s shown on a site.

In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a subtle change in thinking that changed the internet forever.

Suscription Mode.
No fees.

Users should be able to rent as many movies as they want, for as much time as they want, for a low monthly flat rate with NO FEES.

The answer to the modern entertainment lover’s question, “When I rent a movie, why should I pay a fee at all?!” Users watch and consume as much TV and movies they want for one monthly fee.

Touch Screen.

From qwerty to touch screen - we now live in a world where people expect to keep their fingers happy.


Build a database that tracks shopper demographics, purchase histories, preferences, and the like.

Leverage shopper know-how to design promotions, provide tailored product suggestions, and even implement planograms targeted to specific demographics. Our personalized user-experience will be integrated from top-to-bottom within each organization’s framework, allowing for targeted offers, personalized aisle arrangements, and more.

Increase Average Ticket Price

Enticing high-resolution images and easy browsing allow customers to effortlessly view more of the products they want and need.

Online shelves leverage the aisle arrangement and the product placement know-how derived from years of multi-million dollar research on the most effective ways to sell to customers, including point-of-sale impulse buys.

New Revenue


Grability allows increased revenue through more than 20 different non-invasive advertising categories, which includes and reflects the time and money invested in product positioning and brand research. This is possible because Grability replicates the proven strategies found in brick and mortar stores for brand investment and interaction.

Increase SALES

Studies show that mobile retail applications do not replace offline consumers with online ones, but constitute a new and independent revenue stream.


Get to know your customer after his or her first purchase and customize the store for the individual's particular experience.

Instead of 1 store for 150,000 customers
have 150,000 stores for 150,000 customers


With direct prompt messages, an organization will profit from a direct rapport with targeted shoppers at virtually zero cost.

It is a simple method of directly communicating with customers like never before. Businesses love using prompt messages to contact consumers because it works!.

Case Study

Grability has been implemented with the Colombian Supermarket and Pharmacy Chain la Rebaja DROGUERÍA.

Some outstanding facts:

The Application is fully integrated to a network of over 800 stores in 39 cities in Colombia.

Average Ticket Sale Price increased by:

Compared to their web based Online Store.
Compared to their Brick and Mortar Store.

Within three months of launch, 16% increase in all online sales.

Easy Purchasing

Depending on a customer’s previous purchases, the store’s configuration changes to enhance the individual’s shopping experience

  • Crisp images let customers recognize and shop for items in a familiar way, replicating the in-person retail experience.

  • User-friendly technology allows customers to quickly and easily buy large bundles of products.

Interesting Facts

First time customer’s purchases take 37% less than
other retail aplications.
Returning customer’s take 45% less than time spent on first purchase.

Personalized Experience

Grability adapts to a customer’s shopping preferences!
Grability recommends the items a customer frequently buys!

  • Depending on your previous purchases, the store’s configuration changes to enhance your shopping experience.

  • Doing this in a store could be a logistical nightmare.

A personalized experience can help customers shop faster, saving valuable minutes each time they buy.

Interesting Facts

With Grability customers will never forget complementary items, like milk when buying cereal.
Good shopping drives loyalty, encouraging repeat shoppers.

Loyalty Benefits

Think about it: Would you like a meat coupon if you’re a vegetarian? A tampon promotion if you’re a guy?

Depending on a consumer’s profile and previous purchases,
Grability allows brands and retailers to offer customers tailored.

Interesting Facts

To be offered what you like and being able to immediately buy it,
completely changes your
shopping experience and saves you tons of money!


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Brand Benefits

Restore Brand Awarness

In the online retail environment, Big Brands usually lose their advantage by being displayed in an “equal playing field” with small niche brands. Often, online retail websites distribute their products in a grid or list-like setup that, when combined with existing search functionalities, creates a bias toward niche brands.

Grability helps big brands by displaying items the way they are displayed in brick and mortar stores. This subtle change restores the status quo of superiority in brand recognition and packaging that big brands have worked so hard to obtain.

Custom Brand Planogram

At Grability we know that a brand’s image is much more that it’s packaging and its location on a store’s shelf. Brands have specific colors, textures and other graphic specifications that makes their products more appealing for consumers.

With Grability’s Custom Brand Planogram, Brands have the opportunity of having a special planogram created with all their graphic specifications.

Brands that have bought this privilege had an increase in sales compared to sales in normal planograms.


Grability allows brands to advertise in the following ways:

  • Initializing Splash
  • Validation Question Splash
    • - “Are you 18 or older?” Screen.
    • - “In which city are you located?”
    • - “Do you posses a doctors note?”
  • Search Tool Splash
  • Home Screen Positioning
  • Sub-home Screen Positioning
  • Aisle Shortcut Icon
  • “Recommended Product” Positioning.
  • “Don’t forget Aisle” Positioning.
  • Branded Cashier Uniform.
  • Personalized Brand Shelf.
  • Branded List.
  • Push Notification Advertising.
  • “Delivery truck” labeling.
  • Branded background sound track.

Case Studies:


One notorious drawback of traditional online shopping is that it takes a significant amount of time to complete. Users can take hours searching and listing items to purchase.

Grability enables users to repurchase older lists as well as choose from ones created by other users or specially designed by Brands. Brands can post lists such as a branded recipe, a complete skin care product catalog or a thorough set of office supplies.


Grability feeds brands fresh and detailed customer purchasing data which gives them the tools to accurately measure their ROI (return on investment) and allows for testing and continual improvement of their marketing campaigns.

Retailers and brands can design and conduct all types of marketing experiments at virtually zero cost. Experiments can be segmented to a specific location, age group, gender or customer type (loyal, occasional, or new).


Grability works hand in hand with advertising and marketing companies so they can also benefit from our revolutionary online shopping platform

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Grability offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their clients' brands in a highly effective, non-invasive manner while simultaneously eliminating the typical delayed response from the consumer. Customers get tailored discounts, promotions and coupons with the ability to use them to purchase items right away.

A genuine game changer for advertisers!



The amount of products a retailer has on display in an average size store can range from a few hundreds to tens of thousands. In addition to this, retailers and brands change product lines and their packaging all the time.
Grability works hand in hand with Media generation companies and retailers in order to keep the mobile store up to date.

Shopper marketing

services for brands

Shopper marketers have a hard time obtaining useful data on how a consumer behaves through the purchase process. With Grability, marketers can follow the customer from throughout his or her entire shopping journey.

This information can be used to:

Optimize product arrangements within each shelf.
Customize and increase effectiveness for store promotions, coupons and discounts.

Grability Services

For Retailers

Start Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 8 Launch

Shelf Placement Experiments

The location of a product in a store can make a crucial difference in its sales. Many studies show that the way products are shelved can modify the way customers respond to them.

In order to increase sales, both brands and retailers are interested in changing the relative positions of their items in the store. Although this seems like a simple process, retailers can spend millions without guarantee of success. With Grability, retailers can save millions by rearranging items like they would in their store with our easy to use CMS.

Retailers can experiment in ways that are unthinkable in a Brick and Mortar store. For example, retailers can have different shelf placement configurations depending if the customer is male or female, young or old, married or single, etc.

Second App Solution

At Grability, we know that most retailers have an existing mobile app.
In order to make a smooth transition process for the customer, we offer retailers our Second App Solution. This consists of working with all existing item and customer information and integrating it with our App so that all of your customer’s will quickly get excited and continue to make purchases.

Large Scale Implementation

With our Large Scale Implementation option, retailers can just sit back and relax while we do all the hard work of implementing and customizing the Grability application to your store.

In-store Pickup

Many shoppers have the habit of stopping in to a store on their way home and buying a few groceries. This option is generally believed to be faster than shopping online because the customer can acquire the product immediately.

At Grability, we think an even better, faster option exists. With the traditional stop-in method, the experience is not as immediate as it initially seems: customers have to park their car, walk through the store, and deal with checkout lines.

What if, instead of partaking in a potentially major detour, a customer could order his or her complete shopping list through the Grability App on his or her favorite mobile devise, and have a special, dedicated, in-store Grability staff member to pack it up and carry it out - all without a customer ever having to leave her car? This Grability solution would allow customers to have their products immediately while avoiding all of the Brick and Mortar shopping experience.

Grability offers retailers this service by hiring and placing staff in all stores. All staff will be hired in accordance with a company’s hiring standards.

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