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We help you create the best shopping experience for your customers. It doesn’t matter if you are a retailer or wholesaler, your virtual store will be amazing with Mobu.

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Unique App Design

Create a personalized and realistic shopping experience with our Innovative Web e-commerce & Native Apps.


Increase your sales

Our proven and optimized mobile stores have increased our partners’ online sales by 200%.

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Brand Positioning

Personalize your apps design and offer your customers a visual experience based on your brand identity, engage with your customers and maximize their LTV.


White label solution

Launch your mobile and desktop stores in weeks and access new features releases with no additional costs.


Additional income streams

Our online stores provide spaces for brands to sponsor and promote products by using Brand Rooms, Recommended products and Last impulse goods.


Smarter marketing strategies

Access your store data, use our analytics dashboards, push notifications and other marketing tools for customer engagement.  


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